How many cards are in a Wishing Tree Card Deck?
Each deck contains 68 cards for guests to write their personal messages on and 2 cover pages (the extra is in case you make a mistake!)

How do I arrange to pick-up my Wishing Tree or Rental Wishing Tree?
If you are a client living in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, when you complete your order you must select pick-up as the shipping option in the shopping cart. Be sure to add a message indicating a time you would like to pick-up your order at our Denton, TX location. We will confirm the date and pickup location in our order confirmation e-mail to you.

The rental Wishing Trees say “security deposit” – How do I pay for the deposit?
The deposit is $110. Please bring a check or cash for the amount of the deposit when you come to pick-up your order. We will hold your deposit for the rental period.

How do I get my deposit refund?
When you return your Wishing Tree in good condition, we will return your deposit. Deposits are made by check or cash only.

What size are the rental Wishing Trees?
Medium rental tree stands 29″ tall and is approximately 26″ in diameter. ($75)
Large rental tree stands 33″ tall and is approximately 30″ in diameter. ($100)
Extra Large rental tree stands 37″ tall and is approximately 38″ in diameter. ($115)

How many Wishing Tree Cards will each tree hold?
The medium rental tree will hold up to 2 decks of cards.
The large rental tree will hold up to 3 decks of cards.
The extra large rental tree will hold up to 4 decks of cards.

Remember, the idea is for the tree to be completely laden with Wishing Tree cards! 

How much ribbon do I need for Wishing Tree Cards?
Each card requires a 10? length of 1/4? or thinner ribbon to hang on the Wishing Tree. One Wishing Tree Card Deck will require a minimum of 22 yards to string the entire deck.

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